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Madonna Tickets for Sale

Madonna TicketsThough already firmly entrenched as a pop icon, Madonna continues to record and tour as an original artist interested in moving forward musically. However, she is also entering her fourth decade as a larger than life celebrity, so anything less than an album built for radio play, iTunes accounts, and a global concert series falls short. With MDNA, the album and the tour, she remains the shark lurking just below the surface long enough to emerge fantastically, ready to bite back at those who feel she has nothing left to offer with Madonna tickets other than a nostalgia concert experience.

An artist as obsessed with staying new (heck, look at those arms, this is a woman always working out or working on something new) is not going to settle for a best hits tour. Thus, the MDNA Tour keeps its focus on the album’s material and alters anything older to fit the feel of the new work. The new work has been described as a divorce album, an album meant to rediscover the youthful energy that once energized and stymied a life before domestic bliss and despair.

Officially, it is Madonna’s 12th studio album and it follows her experimentation with contemporary pop and hip hop. As both modern hip hop and pop are partially derived from her earlier work, critics often write disappointing albums praising her artistic inclination but ultimately deriding the result. MDNA takes less artistic risks than those previous two efforts in the 21st century. It mergers the style from them (Confessions on a Dance Floor and American Life) along with the soulful lyrics of a woman conflicted by the end of a relationship and the return to a world not nearly as comforting as she remembers.

Now, this album is an emotional mess, as it should be and it should be celebrated for, and the tour has been mired with controversial moments. The amazing light show, the fireworks, and the incredible choreography have been lost in translation as a few political messages have become the defining characteristics of the MDNA Tour. Rest assured, conservative or liberal, these Madonna concert tickets are well worth pursuing, as she is still a Pop Goddess and those few moments should not outshine (whether or not a person happens to agree with them) the actual show. It is a blitz of multimedia efforts and pyrotechnics. It is another chance to see the woman in 2012 and 2013 who changed the world of popular music for the better four decades earlier.


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