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Justin Bieber Tickets for Sale

Justin Bieber TicketsThere comes a time when every bubble gum pop musician has to make the transition from the innocent flirty fellow preteens adore to manhood. These times are marked with much difficulty. Voice changes, lingering images, and a fan base not quite ready to make the maturity leap all scare record labels, parents, and child stars. Yet, Justin Bieber has managed to make this metamorphosis as seamlessly as possible. He is a singer seducing girls his own age with alluring whispers bringing them impossibly close in “Boyfriend” and maintains a healthy sense of humor and fun with dance anthem “Beauty and a Beat”. All these can be heard live with Justin Bieber tickets for the remaining dates on his Believe Tour.

The tour is named for the album, Bieber’s second full-length studio effort. Believe ventures much more completely into the world of sultry R&B and fun loving dance than his previous efforts. This has resulted in a mash of critical reviews, ranging the gamut from great to terrible but with most enjoying the album. Fans reactions have fallen undeniably on the love it side. “Boyfriend” and “As Long aS You Love Me” are Top 10 chart singles that have gone platinum around the world. The album itself is already a solid hit at platinum in the United States and will be approaching the success of My World 2.0 by the end of the tour.

The Believe Tour began in late September 2012, three months into the release of the new album. Overall, it will have 87 concert dates on two legs and will end on May 4, 2013. Fans in his adopted home the United States and his true home Canada will have until January 27th to catch the Bieb live in concert. The North American legs ends its run with back0to-back performances at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. Justin’s love of basketball is well documented so expect to see him at a Heat game sometime around these dates, or expect LeBron and Dwyane Wade to stop buy with black-rimmed glasses and all.

European shows begin Valentine’s Day 2013 in Dublin, Ireland. From there the performer will jump around the British Isles and the continent until April 26. This is an intense two months with a show nearly every night. This leg will test Justin Bieber as a performer, as no matter how old the performer is, a live performance is both invigorating and intensely tiring.

In other Justin Bieber news, the 18-year-old has a new owl tattoo on his arm and his relationship with Selena Gomez may be over. Both have been making the rounds as the top entries in Google News searches for Justin Bieber. Of course, though the owl tattoo is interesting, a single Bieber at the age of 18 with millions of dollars in the bank account and even more fans means mothers and fathers need to lock up their daughters. Expect the news to only increase interest teenage interest in Justin Bieber concert tickets and albums.

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