The Washington Redskins are in the 2013 NFL Playoffs

The Washington Redskins are in the NFL playoffs thanks to two rookies, quarterback Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris. Combined these two players made the team the best running team in the league. Similarly, the defense had a penchant for the run, but they excelled at stopping it. Both the offense and the defense may have had moments of brilliance with the pass during games, but overall the opposition was forced to deal with an electric running game and a stout running D. The result is an NFC East division championship and a second life for Washington Redskins in the form of at least one home game at FedEx Field.

RGIII was not one dimensional, though he ran for 815 yards and scored 7 touchdowns, he also completed 65.6 percent of his passes for a very healthy 20 touchdowns and just 5 interceptions. So, while Griffin is not going to be picking apart secondaries in his second year, he is able to throw the deep ball with remarkable consistency and touch. This has to terrify opposing head coaches and defensive coordinators and it has to make Head Coach Mike Shanahan very happy. The only thing about Griffin’s game that does not thrill offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan is the number of times RGIII has fumbled the football, 9 times. The Redskins have only lost possession twice on these fumbles.

Morris came into the league a sixth round choice about to be given a chance to start the season while the front office went out in search for a feature back. Well, 1,613 yards and 13 touchdowns later, the rookie has remained the man in the backfield and a terrific compliment to RGIII. Morris is averaging five yards a carry and forces the defense to cover the middle and the outside once he and RGIII run the option.

The Redskins front seven also deserves some credit. Washington’s defensive line of Jarvis Jenkins, Barry Cofield, and Stephen Bowen are meant to push against the line and clog a few holes. They rarely get the glory, but they are an incredible unit. Veteran London Fletcher leads the linebackers. Old man Fletcher and young man Perry Riley take care of the run for the Redskins while outside linebackers Rob Jackson and Ryan Kerrigan take turns chasing the quarterback.

The road to Super Bowl XLVII is a difficult one for this team. They are young, and inexperience goes hand-in-hand with youth. Still, they have a running quarterback who can actually throw the football and one of the top rushers in the league sharing the ball with him. Washington has a defense tough against the run, perfect for the postseason. Redskins playoff tickets are going to test this young roster’s maturity and fans cannot wait to see the test results.

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