Peyton Manning and the Race to the Superbowl 2013

The Denver Broncos have to like their chances in the Super Bowl. They have managed to dominate the AFC West with a veteran quarterback returning from neck surgery and a linebacker group built to blitz and keep the opposition out of sync on offense. Ball control, reading defenses, and disrupting the opposing quarterback. These are the reasons Denver Broncos tickets could very well be NFL playoff tickets to Super Bowl 47, taking Manning back home to play on the same field as his father and at the Superdome.

Denver’s 2012 regular season began with a 3-3 record before the football team’s bye week. After coming back from this brief hiatus, Manning and Von Miller would begin a winning streak that would end until the end of the regular season schedule. This incredible run began with a statement win over the New Orleans Saints. The Broncos would enjoy a bit of an easy schedule and a division without any other real contenders.

This will surely come into play when the pundits try and find a reason to doubt Manning’s ability to guide this football team to the big game. They will also mention Denver’s inability to cause turnovers. However, in recent years it has been proven that a defense built on blitzing and not on containment is just as dangerous as a hot quarterback. The duo in charge of blitzing is a combination of linebackers Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil. Either of these players has as good a chance as being the Super Bowl MVP as Manning. While Manning’s game is built on making reads and disarming the defense, these two players specialize in causing chaos, which is significantly effective in a day when most offenses require superbly timed routes and reads.

If the Denver Broncos can indeed play their game, then the team can better its performance last year. They can win games outright and this will quiet pundits and doubters much quicker than the exploits of a running quarterback.

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