Swedish House Mafia 2013 Tour

Swedish House Mafia helped pioneer the EDM movement, but, every revolutionary figure (or group in this case) must come to an end. This is the officially sanctioned One Last Tour for the trio of house DJs, a sad but can’t-miss live experience with club dates scheduled from November 2012 until March 2013.

Fortunately, the demand for Swedish House Mafia tickets has proven to be so extreme that shows are continually added, as long as they can be scheduled before the final performance on March 24, 2013. That night the three close down the Ultra Music Festival, an outdoor electronic music festival in Miami. In addition to the amicable breakup of Axwell, Steve Angello, and Sebastian Ingrosso, SHM is promoting a new album, Until Now.

This is just the second actual album from the trio. Until One, the debut album, went gold and this tour is going to push Until Now to such certification. This new album has its own catalog of hits. “Saving the World” has gone platinum with the aid of John Martin’s vocals. “Antidote” has made its way onto the charts with Knife Party providing the samples. “Don’t You Worry Child”, again featuring John Martin has joined the first single as a platinum effort.

Of course, as DJs, there is significantly less emphasis on the albums and singles as there is on the actual club experience. That is why electronic dance music has necessitated an acronym. Yet, fans of the trio are holding out hope that this is not a permanent breakup and merely a hiatus. The three told Rolling Stone the reason for the breakup had nothing to do with internal strife and everything to do with a lack of a vision for the future. Instead of playing the same thing every night, they decided to break up. So, if the inspiration returns, the Swedish House Mafia could return the trio to the club scene.

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