Jeff Dunham Tickets For One Man Not Alone

With more than 50 dates on the Disorderly Conduct Standup Comedy Tour on the docket from November 2012 to early 2013, one has to expect it too much responsibility for one man. Luckily this is not one man’s tour. This is Jeff Dunham and he is hitting the road with at least five friends: Walter, Bubba J, Peanut, Jose Jalapeno, and Achmed the Dead Terrorist. Ok, so there might not be five actual performers, but it is difficult to convince “Don Rickles with Multiple Personality Disorder” otherwise. All kidding aside, this is the latest batch of Jeff Dunham tickets for a man who takes his touring seriously.

Dunham just finished his Controlled Chaos Tour, an international trek taking him through four continents in 11 months and concluding just about a month ago with show number 121. The Disorderly Conduct Tour is going to end like every other one of his tours. He is going to top the Pollstar list of top-grossing standup comedians and he is going to have a one-hour comedy special.

This blog would be remiss if it ignored the elephant in the proverbial room. Specifically this tour happens to come in an election year and Jeff’s audience tends to vote the political party with an elephant as its mascot. Now, the list of characters expected to be on this list of supporting acts should keep the standup quite broad. For all the controversy associated with his standup act, Dunham is a guy who likes to make fun of absolutely everyone. In fact, the newest addition to the ventriloquist’s act is a dummy of himself, manned by Peanut.

Dunham’s material simply begins with stereotypes as a way to relate the eclectic cast of wooden dummies to the audience. From there he tends to veer away from what could easily become hat mongering, instead endearing the dummies to the audience. Still, Jeff Dunham tickets are not for everyone, but those who enjoy his work have pushed his YouTube views to over a billion and have kept him working nearly constantly since 2007.

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