Jason Aldean Ready to Move Tickets and Albums

Jason Aldean has been on his Kinda Party for the last two summers, even reunited with tour mate Luke Bryan, who has been a concert companion since the beginning of each of their respective careers. Aldean even invited Bryan to support him on the Wide Open Tour in 2010. However, the party has come to an end and the country singer needs to begin celebrating a new album, his fifth.

While on the last legs of the My Kinda Party Tour in 2012, he will begin priming his audience for the subject of his next two years of touring, his as yet unreleased and untitled fifth album. There has been a taste alright, with “Take a Little Ride”. The song is his classic mix of Southern rock and country pain. IT has also become a hit on the tour and could be the song that helps take the new album to number one.

This may seem a pointless observation with meaningless sentiment, but Aldean is at a crossroads in his career. Jason Aldean tickets are going to sell out each and every summer. He has the kind of sound that does not alienate the latest addition to the country audience, the people whose taste runs a little more rock than twang. What is not yet sure is whether Aldean is going to be able to back each of those North American tours up with a multi-platinum album.

Thus, he could become a man like Jimmy Buffett or Alan Jackson, a performer with a rabid live base but a waning listening audience. He has already established his dominance of the summer concert session, drawing every single blonde bombshell within a nights travel to pack venues throughout the United States and Canada. With attractive girls, come the guys and a lush life on the road. If Aldean wants to avoid having to spend every summer playing 50-plus shows then he needs to post a huge hit with this second album.

While country music may be the most listened to in the world, it also has the most artists, making each act easily replaceable on the shelf or on iTunes. To avoid being replaced and becoming a star of nostalgic stature, this fifth album released through Broken Bow Records must dominate and stay in the Top 10 in the Billboard 200 for more than just a week.

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