Jersey Boys Tickets Coming to the Silver Screen

Jersey Boys has gone from real life to Broadway and now to the big screen. The film version of the hit stage musical is expected out sometime in 2013. In the meantime, this Graham King produced feature is adding creative to the list. Also, it is worth noting that Jersey Boys tickets are still on sale to see the show on Broadway and on tour.

So far John Logan is attached as the screenwriter. Logan previously wrote the Tony Award-winning play Red and the screenplays to Hugo and the Aviator. A movie is nothing without a director, since it is his or her vision that ultimately prevails (until the studio heads get a hold of it). According to David Ng of the Los Angeles Times, Jon Favreau is the leading candidate to bring this stage musical to life.

Favreau previously directed Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and Cowboys and Aliens. These action-adventures movies do not suggest he has the chops for this type of work, but anyone who has seen his work with Made and has seen him in Swingers knows he has the ability ot deal with characters like those in the Jersey Boys repertoire. Specifically, he knows how to use Vince Vaughn to make a movie people will actually see, which is apparently quite difficult given his track record.

The addition of a name like Favreau may also be a marketing move. The cast is likely going to be comprised of young actors still struggling to make a name for themselves, so having at least one person associated with the project could at least earn back the money, no matter how good or bad the film is in the end. Alas, it is still early. Another director may emerge and the actors tasked with portraying the Four Seasons are unknown.

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